Hearing Aids

What settings are available on hearing-aids?

Electric hearing aids have come a long way in the last hundred years, and with the technological revolution of the 21st century, these devices have changed quite dramatically from analogue to digital.

While analogue hearing aids were designed to amplify all sound equally and featured basic volume control functionality, digital hearing aids are programmed to accommodate different users in any type of environment.

Hearing problems

A look at why people develop tinnitus

Let’s start with a common question that we receive quite a lot since lock-down:  “Can tinnitus be the result of having Covid-19?”  Yes, more and more people complain of tinnitus after they had Covid-19.  Some people even reported a hearing loss in either one or both ears.  But even before Covid-19, there were millions of people around the world that suffered from tinnitus.   

Ear Wax

The Purpose of Ear Wax

Do you clean your ears?  It is inconceivable to think that cleaning your ears is actually not as hygienic as you think.  On the contrary, cleaning your ears can do more harm than good.

So, why do we have ear wax?  Before we get to the ‘why’, let’s first discuss ‘what’ ear wax is? 

Phonak Hearing Aid

7 Tips for using a Phonak Hearing Aid

The Phonak hearing aid is produced by internationally active and renowned Swiss company Sonova (formerly known as Phonak) with years of medical experience and specifically hearing care solution technology research, and they’re one of the largest providers to the sector worldwide. Sonova works on both hearing aids and cochlear implants, and trusted Phonak goods are sold in over 90 countries across the globe…..

Living With Hearing Loss

Living with Hearing Loss

In 2010 the World Health Organisation published a study that showed that 360 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss, and one in five teenagers have hearing loss. These numbers have probably escalated, considering that the study took place six years ago. Hearing loss is a pervasive problem, but one that is not taken seriously enough……

Teaching a deaf child to swim

5 Tips for Teaching a Deaf Child to Swim

As we move towards summer, a lot of people talk about heading to the beach, summer-wear and all things outdoors. With the extremely high temperatures during the summer, most people love to go swimming. It is therefore imperative that every child needs to have access to swimming lessons, not only because it’s an excellent form of exercise…..

Hearing Aids

What do I do if my Hearing Aids get wet?

Most hearing aids are designed to be resistant to moisture, and can even survive being soaked or drenched. Nonetheless, they should be kept away from water as much as possible like most electric devices because it can damage them substantially. However in life we deal with accidents and unforeseen circumstances, such as getting rained on and then your device gets wet…….