School Screenings

School Screenings

School hearing screening plays an important role in identifying children who might have a hearing loss. An unidentified hearing loss could be the root cause of decreased academic performance, behavioural-, self-esteem- and socio-emotional problems in a child’s life. Even a minimal hearing loss can make it difficult for a child to listen and learn in a classroom. A simple hearing screening will be able to detect if there is a problem with your child’s ears and provide you with the correct referral and intervention options.

The Paarl Hearing Centre mobile unit is fully equipped and soundproof. We currently offer annual school hearing screenings to multiple schools in our area. We might already be coming to your school so keep a look out, alternatively you may contact us with regards to us delivering this service at your school!

School screenings

Services Of The Paarl Hearing Center Mobile Unit Include:

  • Diagnostic Hearing Tests
  • Hearing aid consultations
  • Hearing aid fittings
  • Validation of the fitting of your hearing aid
  • Ear mould tubing replacements

Many people, from the elderly to the underprivileged to the employer of labourers, often find it quite difficult to gain access to hearing services. Some do not have the means or the transport and some are disabled, making it challenging to enjoy the benefits of being assessed by a hearing care professional.


Medical Practitioners: If you are from a town nearby Paarl, and you have a few patients in need of hearing services that are unable to visit our practice, you are welcome to phone us and request the Mobile Unit to come out to your practice.

Old age homes: Dedicated monthly appointments can be scheduled at your establishment. Services may include: Diagnostic hearing tests; Hearing aid consultation; Fittings and Changing of hearing aid settings; Ear mould tubing replacements.

Industrial Hearing Testing: Services include Baseline audiograms; Entry audiograms; Exit audiograms and Diagnostic audiograms.


Conducting hearing screenings in schools is vitally important. The main purpose of School Hearing Screening is to identify learners with hearing losses as this may affect personal development, education, and even affect learners emotionally.

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