Children hearing problems

Different types of Hearing Loss

There are many ways that an onset of hearing loss can be triggered in someone’s ear, including deterioration with age, exposure to loud noises and ear infections. There are three main types of hearing loss, each of which is caused by different factors and require their own specialised treatment.

Hearing loss can be a traumatic experience,

Children hearing problems

Symptoms of possible hearing loss in infants and toddlers

Last week, I posted about WHEN you should bring your pre-school child for a hearing assessment (see previous post). So what about Infants?

Let’s assume that your child has received and passed her/his neonatal hearing screening in hospital. (If your child has not undergone such a hearing screening, it is recommended that you schedule a thorough hearing evaluation).

Children hearing problems

What did you say, Mommy? (Pre-school children)

In the past two weeks I’ve seen quite a few concerned parents that brought their children for a hearing assessment due to different factors.

Parents, grandparents or teachers are almost always the first to suspect that a child might suffer from hearing loss. In most of these cases, the culprit might only be excessive earwax or middle-ear infections.