Phonak Hearing Aid

7 Tips for using a Phonak Hearing Aid

The Phonak hearing aid is produced by internationally active and renowned Swiss company Sonova (formerly known as Phonak) with years of medical experience and specifically hearing care solution technology research, and they’re one of the largest providers to the sector worldwide. Sonova works on both hearing aids and cochlear implants, and trusted Phonak goods are sold in over 90 countries across the globe….. So, if you’re the proud owner of a new Phonak Hearing Aid, let’s take a look at some of the things you may be able to do.

#1 Go anywhere, it’s invisible

If you have the invisible version of these advanced products then you already know how comfortable it is. Entirely hidden within the ear canal, you can go anywhere with your hearing aid in place, but hidden giving you full confidence without having it be a focus point.

#2 Charge it at night

Advances in power consumption means that you can be fully alert all day long with perfect hearing every single day. Once ready for bed simply remove your Phonak hearing aid and set it to charge for the duration of the night. By the next morning it will be fully charged for another day of perfect audio amplification.

#3 Wet doesn’t mean wrecked

Your Phonak hearing aid won’t simply become inoperable if you happen to lose it in the swimming pool. Much like a cellphone, simply recover your device as quickly as possible and remove the battery. Let them dry out for about an hour and insert a fresh battery and everything should be fine.

#4 Connect to your iPhone

That’s right. Many hearing aids these days can be connected to your iOS 7. Not only does this mean that weak phone vibrations won’t be a problem anymore for detecting an incoming call, but you can also check on your hearing aid’s battery life, adjust the volume, and turn on Live Listen.

#5 Automatic sound adjustment

Tired of having to manually adjust your device at every turn? Several Phonak hearing aid models come complete with automatic sound adjustment so that you never have to pause the conversation again.

#6 Crowd control

You can now zone in on specific sources of sound and dim out all the rest, an ability that many with full hearing would be envious of. Cut through the din of the crowd and focus on a specific target with 60% improved speech understanding.

#7 Forget disposable batteries

Tired of having to stock up on disposable batteries? With Phonak rechargeable hearing aids you’re now dealing with built-in lithium-ion battery technology which means superior charge and fast recharge.

With today’s technology and Phonak quality products, hearing loss is a thing of the past.

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