More about quick Hearing tests for children

More about quick Hearing tests for children

The ability to hear sets up the foundation of your child’s ability to learn, so it’s essential to identify any issues as early as possible. A child with untreated hearing loss may have delays in reaching developmental milestones, particularly in language. The child may have difficulty in school and with social skills. Her speech may be affected and sound ‘different’ to others, depending on the degree of the hearing loss. That is why at Paarl Hearing Centre we encourage quick hearing tests to be administered on children.

The sooner a child with hearing loss is diagnosed, the more likely it is that her treatment will be successful and that her language development will be on target. Even if your child has no identified hearing loss, the doctor should check her hearing at every well-child checkup.

Before an audiologist conducts a hearing exam, he measures the mobility of your child’s eardrums with a procedure known as tympanometry. He applies air pressure to the ear canal with a soft plastic-tipped device to find out whether your child has fluid in her ear or a malfunctioning eustachian tube, which would skew the results of a hearing test. The procedure is quick, easy and painless.

The type of test executed by the audiologist depends in part on the developmental and cognitive level of your child. A very young child wouldn’t be able to raise her hand as directed when she hears certain sounds, for instance. In babies, the audiologist determines hearing levels by measuring the baby’s brainwaves in response to sound. This can be done while the baby is sleeping.

With younger children, the audiologist pays close attention to the child’s reaction to a sound. Your child sits on your lap in the centre of a soundproofed room with speakers on both sides. When the child looks in the direction of the sound, she’s rewarded by the sight of a dancing toy or a flashing light. This test is called visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA).

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