Is it possible to heal your hearing naturally?

Is it possible to heal your hearing naturally?


Hearing loss can be a traumatic experience for many people and can cause other conditions like depression and insomnia. There are different types of hearing loss , all of which need to be treated in their own unique ways. Treatments for hearing loss should always be administered by a qualified physician, although there are many people who advocate for natural remedies.


If you suspect that you may be losing your hearing, take a minute to answer these questions. If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, get in touch with us to arrange for a hearing test. Otherwise, there are a few things you can do at home that could mitigate your hearing loss.


Please keep in mind that essential oils aren’t monitored or regulated with regards to their purity or quality, so we’d recommend that you talk to your doctor before using any essential oil for your hearing.



Natural remedies to reverse hearing loss


Ginger tea

Advocates of natural hearing healing recommend that you make ginger tea a part of your diet. To make your own, simple boil the following ingredients in a covered pot for 15-20 minutes:

  • At least 4 cups of water;
  • 3 large slices of fresh ginger;
  • 1 tablespoon of:
    •  cilantro leaves;
    • cinnamon;
    • oregano;
    • rosemary, and;
    • sage.

After boiling, drink three cups a day for at least 3 weeks – let us know how it works out!


Tea tree oil

You should never try out tree oil before talking with your doctor about it. Although many people believe that tree oil is an effective treatment for hearing loss and deafness, this essential oil should be used with caution. To prepare this remedy, mix and heat:

  • 3 drops of essential tree oil;
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil;
  • 1 tablespoon of colloidal vinegar and apple cider vinegar.

Once prepared, you can put the mixture into your ears and sit still for 5 minutes. Advocates of this treatment claim that doing this four times a day can yield results in as little as 2 weeks.



There are several vitamins and minerals that are synonymous with improved ear function and hearing, including:

Folic acid

This vitamin promotes robust circulation to your ears and helps in energy production in the cells responsible for hearing.


Magnesium promotes healthy auditory system nerve function, as well as helps in the prevention of damage to the inner lining of the arteries.


This vitamin protects the small hair cells inside your ear that are responsible for creating the vibrations made by sounds and converting them to electric signals that are transmitted to the brain. Zinc is also an immune booster, making it useful in preventing ear infections.

B vitamins

B vitamins have many benefits for ear health, including the regulation of fluid levels in your ears, as well as the optimization of oxygen use in your ears. If you’d like to learn more about natural remedies that can help reverse hearing loss, reach out to us today – we’re always ready to help

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