How to choose the most effective Hearing Protection

How to choose the most effective Hearing Protection

Selecting the ideal hearing protection isn’t always an easy task. One of the critical responsibilities that a safety manager has is to choose the right protection, one that workers will wear all the time, when exposed to noise. Considering cost and usage is also imperative; most companies spend a lot on hearing devices, such as disposable ear plugs. Investing in a more cost-effective and efficient form of hearing protection is utopia.

There’s certainly a wide range of options available on the market to choose from, so selecting the most appropriate device to meet your needs and the needs of the workers will help ensure that adaptation of this device. The question is, “Which hearing protection is the right protection?” Well, the answer to that can’t be hard – the best protection allows for these 4 benefits: It’s comfortable, allows for communication, is convenient and is eco-friendly.

Some of the common hearing devices on the market are custom ear plugs, disposable ear plugs, ear muffs and reusable ear plugs. A few factors to consider when choosing hearing protection device are;

  1. Comfort: The more comfortable the device, the more likely your workers are to forget they are wearing hearing protection. And comfort in this case means the worker is free to move; the protector is lightweight, discreet; and the ear plug is comfortable to wear and perfectly adapted to the morphology of each ear.
  2. Communication: Workers should be able to easily communicate at their workstations. Beyond usability, communication in a noisy environment is paramount to transmit information or respond to safety instructions.
  3. Convenience: Convenience is key for workers’ adoption. Accessibility and ease of use are critical factors in the successful implementation of hearing protectors.
  4. Eco-friendly: It’s important to use hearing protection devices that are easy to clean and reduce waste. A device that is placed into someone’s ear canal or in contact with the skin must remain clean for various sanitary reasons.

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