Advantages of using Paarl Hearing Centre’s mobile unit

Advantages of using Paarl Hearing Centre’s mobile unit

It is quite unfortunate that the state of public health care in South Africa is, in one word, lacking. While there’s excellent health solutions available in this country, it is often limited to the private sector which is exorbitant and dominated by those with health insurance. In most cases, the majority of our population spends countless hours waiting at government hospitals, that are usually less sanitary and under equipped. People from rural communities, the elderly and the under-privileged find it difficult to access hospitals and clinics, since they may have to travel hundreds of kilometers to the nearest health care institution, without any guarantee of adequate treatment. This means that they will only risk the travel once they are already severely sick. This makes Paarl Hearing Centre’s hearing mobile unit a God-sent initiative for many.

This basically entails hearing services on wheels; offering precisely the same kind of hearing care services as you would find at an established hearing centre. We come to your doorstep! Performing comprehensive hearing evaluations, and not only limited to hearing screening, we pride ourselves in having your hearing tested in a SANS 1082 approved soundproof unit.

At Paarl Hearing Centre we offer mobile units that provide services such as diagnostic hearing tests, hearing aid consultations, hearing aid fittings, validation of the fitting of your hearing aid and ear mould tubing replacements just as you would get from our established centre. Bringing these services to your doorstep ensures accessibility of these crucial services to the elderly, schools, less privileged and so forth. The fact that the mobile unit is able to travel to local schools and communities means that children and parents alike do not miss out on valuable days at school or work which, for the households of single breadwinners, can be devastating to their already strained financial state.

Paarl Hearing Centre’s mobile units offer patient-centric approach, where the main focus is with the patient, their current state of health, and ways in which to improve and maintain their health in the long run. Mobile units are the future. Constant growth and evolution ultimately lead to more innovation. By utilizing the combination of these benefits, it’s safe to say that you have a sure-fire recipe for success. 

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