5 Facts about Hearing Aid Technology

5 Facts about Hearing Aid Technology

In a world populated by 7 Billion people, 360 Million of them are suffering from hearing loss. The affect of losing your hearing could cause social and personal problems such as depression and exclusion from others, both physically and emotionally. Many people live with the loss while others are able to receive a cochlear implant or a hearing aid. A person affected by hearing loss has to live a life that is completely different from everybody else’s, however they can make the choice of living a ‘normal lifestyle’.

Paarl Hearing Centre strives to provide you with the best brands of hearing aids in the world. Hearing aids come in various shapes and sizes, and thanks to technology and its advances there are even greater improvements that are available now. The Phonak group produces the greatest quality hearing aids, which provides you with the comfort of hearing even better than a person without hearing loss. Their high quality hearing aid technology is custom made to fit the exact need of the patient in question.

Five facts about hearing technology:

  1. Hearing aids in the past have been made so big and bulky that it was often too embarrassing for the person who was suffering from hearing loss to wear them. This was often even more embarrassing for younger people, however today hearing aids are almost invisible, they fit right into the ear and no one can actually see them. Hearing aids have evolved to providing the client with three types of hearing aids; behind-the-ear, receive-in-canal, and in-the-ear.
  • Hearing aids have been created to be moisture-resistant and some professionals call these devices ‘waterproof’. The client can even swim with a waterproof hearing aid but must wear a specialized ear mould in order to block the water from entering the tube that connects the dome inside the ear canal.
  • Hearing aid technology can also be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth to other devices such as cell phones, and computers. This allows the person to listen to music, turn the hearing aids volume up or down and even watch TV.
  • Listening in 360 provides the person to direct the sound waves, no matter how far or close the sound is. The Phonak hearing aids also enables one to zoom in or out of the sound too. Making the sound more intense or less intense based on the wearer’s preference.
  • If the client is in a busy and noisy area such as a city centre or even at a party, the hearing aid allows you to block out the noise. Providing the person with a constant comfortable environment. 

Hearing is crucial and no one has to suffer anymore. Phonak hearing aids provide high quality hearing so that everyone can live a life that is filled with sound. We at Paarl hearing Centre will take care of your every need. We strive at providing you with the perfect hearing aid that will make you feel comfortable and it will allow you to live an active confident life.

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